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Philosophy of Education


            The environment of a classroom needs to promote learning.  In order for children to benefit from education, the teacher, the family, and the child need to understand what is expected of them.


Role of the Environment

            I believe that children in a classroom should be able to express themselves and have individual interests.  Children learn best in an environment that promotes learning.  Features of a good learning environment are

  1. Having different centers that cater to children’s individual interests and needs.
  2. Having many books on all types of interest.
  3. Having it clean and tidy
  4. Having their works displayed on the walls as well as bulletin boards that are attractive to the children.


The curriculum of any classroom should include certain “basics “that contribute to children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.   These basics are:

    1. Learning to respect every person, no matter how they are different than you are.
    2. Learning through projects and play real life skills.
    3. Learning how to read, write, and do arithmetic at a pace that the child is able to accomplish their goals.


Role of the Teacher


            I, as the teacher, would meet these needs by coming prepared everyday to teach the children.  I will respect and value each child.  I will work individually with each child to accomplish goals set by myself, the child, and the family. 

            A teacher should have certain qualities.  Qualities I think are important for teaching are patience, consistency, and being attentive to each child’s needs.  A teacher should make it their goal to understand what each child needs.


Role of Families

            Working with families is important.  I feel that parents and teachers should have a system of open communication.  The families should also value the importance of the child’s education.

            Families can help children by participating in activities related to the child’s education.  Families can encourage their children to always do their best job.


 Role of the Child

A child in a classroom should be treated fairly.  Each child has a right to be themselves.  Each child should be free to learn at the rate they are comfortable with.   A child will benefit the most from education when he/she feels like they are able to learn and accomplish goals.  Each child should be able to learn and express their individual interests.

            It is important that the environment promotes learning.  It is important for the teacher, family, and child to partner together in education.  Teachers, families, and children need to have open communication about education.   Everyone also needs to understand what is expected of them to accomplish the goals of education.








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